BioBlitz 2019

June 7th & 8th!


Raindate is Sunday, June 9th

Bring your own lunch

The times given are start times only.  A walk leader and participants can stay in the field as long as desired.  Participants will not be able to go on all the walks but should choose the ones of most interest and plan to stay on that walk.

Participants in the Life in the Stream will wade into the Sawkill stream and collect living things in kick nets, then identify what is found.  This is a lot of fun, but you should bring stream wading shoes if you want to help with collecting.

For all other walks, wear good walking shoes, and sun and tick protection.  The walks will be mostly on the mowed paths.

At Base Camp, you will find tables and chairs to sit and rest and people to talk to about your discoveries.  There will be free snacks, cool water (bring your own bottle), coffee, tea,  Field Guide Books for species identification,  and other useful things.  Bring your lunch.

* for reptile and amphibian walk you must register at   Number of participants is limited.

Over the past 4 years, we have identified
over 500 species at the preserve!