Citizen Scientists

Citizen Scientists Needed

At the 2017 BioBlitz, biologists and naturalists will be searching to find and identify dozens of species. To complete this enormous task, we need citizen scientists to accompany them and help take notes and photos!

Become a Citizen Scientist today and join one of our training sessions in July. Two Data Collection Training Days will be held (optional and free) at the Thorn Preserve: Wednesday July 19, 2017 at 6pm and Saturday July 22, 2017 at 10am.  

Bring your smartphone and camera! 

The idea of the BioBlitz was inspired by the great Harvard biologist and champion of biodivertsity preservation, E.O. Wilson. He says species are going extinct at an alarming rate often before they are even discovered due to factors such as pollution, climate change and the conversion of wild places to housing lots, farms, shopping malls, roads, etc. In fact, worldwide, we may be witnessing what amounts to a mass extinction (loss of biodiversity) as great in extent as the one that saw the demise of the non-avian dinosaurs 66 million years ago. In the end this will negatively affect human life as well because we are all interdependent. A step to solving this great problem is to discover and understand the importance of biodiversity.


The BioBlitz has as its goals to bring, scientists, naturalists and the public together in a picnic atmosphere to discover and record as many of the living organisms in an area as possible and to understand the network of interrelationships between them. This is both a scientific endeavor where important discoveries are sometimes made and an opportunity for people of all ages from the community to discover the magnificent depth and breadth of nature in their own backyard.



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